Afric Xpress provides electronic payment services to our banking partners and enable them to deploy an effective branchless banking solution.

Money Transfer

Afric Xpress supports bank and financial services to launch their proprietary mobile money transfer services and/or to join an existing network of +1000 remittances points. We will work with you to develop a plan, provide the platform and support you for your local, regional or international money transfer


Afric Xpress drives banks’ transaction volumes by offering convenient electronic payment options to their customers and effective management services to merchants. Our Merchant Solution enables merchants to accept payments on the phone, on the web and at POS while ensuring fast settlement and effective account management.

Branchless Banking

Afric Xpress supports and accelerates Branchless Banking  strategy by taking banking out of the branches with agents and remote transaction processing and providing a cost effective way to serve the unbanked with a proprietary mobile account. We provide a robust mobile wallet account in which customers have multiple access points and management has the tools to effectively manage programs, build distribution and develop new product and services.

Loyalty Solution

Afric Xpress accelerates and deepens your loyalty program with our Loyalty Solution. Our solution empowers customers to manage their loyalty accounts while enabling the company to drive customer’s satisfaction.